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eSports Player
Registered under policy terms of the international eSports Federation

eSports Player is an ePlayer portal of every ePlayer in Europe.

Official registered and functioning under the policy term of the International eSports Federation and European Sports Regulations. The portal contains information for ePlayers about their club membership, match schedules, skill statistics.
The mobile and web application provides a realisation of social teambuilding and develops a intercourse of tactical and individual skilled gameplay.

The official registration of yourself as a ePlayer is free, but be noticed that if you want tot join a club they could ask you to pay contribution for your membership.

Investing in the development of this application has been done by business relationships and therefore professional developed. Because of this your registration would be intergrated in the databases of all involved parties and corporations. More information about this you can find at
THe eSports Coporation.

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Also for

Club Managers

Manages a club and therefore the manager will be given the responsibilty to organize the whole association.


Will support the members of the devisions of a club mentally and organizationally.


Provides mental and organizational support and will give training to improve tactical game and skills training to the members of a team.


In the virtual world referees are impartially known as spectators. Spectators will obtain competition rules by being present in-game during the match.

Team Captains

Also known as squadleaders are in charge of the wants and needs of a team.

Match Reporters

On the television they are named as commentators in the virtual world they are called; shoutcasters.

Corporate Officials

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